Impact Of An Infrared Sauna On Fat Reduction 

Research does suggest that infrared sauna treatment can help reduce levels of visceral fat cells over time and may be beneficial for long term weight loss. The reason for this is that you can use an infrared sauna to burn fat and calories. 

According to studies, using an infrared sauna will have a similar impact on your body to moderate levels of a physical workout. The reason for this is that an infrared sauna will cause you to sweat. However, the good news is that infrared technology causes this impact at a far lower temperature compared to a typical wooden sauna.

This means that you can gain increased benefits and remain in the sauna for a longer period. That’s important as a lot of people can’t tolerate the right heat of a typical sauna treatment. 

On average, you might burn between 100 to 200 calories when using an infrared sauna for just twenty minutes. This is equivalent to the impact of a 17-minute walk.

Binghamton University in New York revealed that an infrared sauna three times a week times per week would cause participants to lose 4 percent body fat over sixteen weeks. Even sitting in core body temperature resulted in a decrease in body fat. 

Once you have completed the session, the body then cools down. This increases the level of blood flow to the surface of your skin. That means that you will continue to reduce your fat levels, even after you have completed the treatment. 

To gain the greatest impact from an infrared sauna on fat reduction, it should be combined with the right lifestyle choices. This includes eating a healthy diet filled with wholesome foods and exercising regularly.

An infrared sauna will help you lose weight by increasing the amount that you sweat. However, you can regain this weight with increased levels of moisture to your body. That’s why a healthy lifestyle is still going to be important.