Coming for your first float?

Floating can benefit everyone but it is important to understand what exactly you’re going to do here and what you want from your sessions.

Basically, what you are doing is coercing the brain into a deep meditative state by means of REST (restricted environmental stimulation therapy) some people can get into a trance like or dream-like state very quickly and have an instant hit of rejuvenation, some take 30-40 mins where others may take a few goes,  it’s like anything in life you take up, it can take some practice and that’s what we are here for. After a couple of sessions the user can get into this deep state very quickly, getting a greater proportion of time in the theta state and gaining more and more from your sessions. You don’t need to be able to meditate to get the most from this therapy that’s not what this is about. It’s simply about not stimulating the brain in a very calm and relaxed environment making it easy for you to reach this state, we also have a guided breathwork exercise to help you ease into it on request.

Before you arrive/your float


Please come on time for your session.


DO NOT shave or wax your legs or sensitive areas 1-2 days before or on the day of your float.


We advise to avoid drinking coffee or other stimulants, 3 hours before your float.


DO NOT dye your hair within 7 days of your float.


We advise avoiding black or dark clothing if possible but not essential.


Remove your contact lens or any eyewear before your float.


Take a quick shower in your private room.


Put in your earplugs.

Enjoy your float


Step into the float tank.


Close the door & turn out the lights once you are ready.


Asset 9

Lay back, get comfortable, relax and feel all your stress & tension drift away.


Once your session ends, music will fade to gently ease you out of your float.


Turn on the lights & step out of the tank.

After your Float

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We advise you to take some break from the noise and static after your float. Reconnect your body and mind, let go of unwanted stress and drift away. Experience a state of relaxation, rejuvenation, and repair. You will radiate the post-float glow. So, enjoy it!!!

5 best tips to achieving the most from your first or any float session.