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The healing power of Red Light Therapy

If you are a long-term sufferer of pain, be it as a result of arthritis or another chronic condition, you may have gone down several routes to try and eliminate or alleviate that pain – be it a natural remedy or a man-made drug. Such is the severity of these chronic conditions for some people, many even source drugs which are not prescribed and may not be safe for them to take.

One treatment that is becoming increasingly popular is Lumired Red Light Therapy – a completely drug-free treatment that is scientifically proven to repair human cells.
This treatment can provide long-term relief from a variety of chronic conditions, ranging from aching muscles to chronic back pain, and can also speed up muscle recovery

Red Light Therapy works to ease pain, sensitivity, and improve nerve function

Red light therapy is very effective in the reduction of pain throughout the body, particularly chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Its beneficial effects on the whole body help simultaneously treat the multiple components that cause chronic pain. It also helps alleviate fatigue, reduce pain, improve sleep and facilitate the production of endorphins and serotonin which can help ease pain and improve your mood. Exercise is essential for these conditions. Red light therapy helps reduce pain and inflammation allowing you to exercise comfortably.

Bone Healing

Infrared Light can work to reduce muscle atrophy, improve bone density and speed bone healing post-fracture

Red light therapy significantly speeds up the healing process of bone injuries and fractures. The increased collagen production associated with red light accelerates bone healing and improves bone density and structure. Concentrated natural light stimulates the mitochondria in your cells, reducing oxidative stress, and helping your body produce more usable energy to power itself, regenerate, and heal.

Recent research has proven the effectiveness of red light therapy in the healing of bone injuries.

Anti - Aging

Red Light stimulates collagen production to minimize wrinkles and fine lines

Online anti-aging red light therapy has been shown to provide a wide array of anti-aging effects. According to Glamour Magazine, it helps to stimulate the production of elastin and the stimulation of collagen. You’ll also love the fact that the treatment is non-invasive and drug-free

Anti-Aging Light Therapy At Home

With Anti-Aging Light Therapy at Home, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a wide array of other signs of aging. The therapy will also move on to increase the firmness of your skin, as well as its texture and elasticity.

Again, the non-invasive nature of this treatment is its biggest, most significant advantage.

Join Health and Arthritis

Red light therapy adopts four mechanisms to help provide relief from arthritis: decreasing pain, reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, and stimulating cellular repair within the joint.

By reducing joint pain, you can achieve greater levels of physical activity and function – a critical component in dealing with arthritis. Infrared light reduces the swelling in joints, thus providing greater freedom of movement. Increased circulation brings healthy oxygenated blood and nutrients to the affected area, boosting the body’s natural healing process. Increased ATP production leads to increased cellular repair.

Red and Infrared light can successfully reduce the symptoms of arthritis allowing you to exercise more comfortably and live a more comfortable pain-free life.

Fitness And Recovery

Red Light Therapy increases recovery time in muscles and allows you to improve workouts

Red light therapy, particular in the infrared spectrum uses your natural biology to help you recover. It does this through collagen stimulation, increased blood flow and an increase in cellular energy. Red light therapy stimulates an increase in ATP production in your cells, helping your body perform and recover at an enhanced level. Light therapy also boosts muscle growth, reduces DOMS, improves sleep allowing you to perform at your best.

Exposure of the body to red light increases cellular metabolism. Activating the cells into producing more ATP/energy means the body has more access to clean efficient energy resulting in better performance and function. Because thousands of studies show effectiveness of red light therapy as a performance and recovery tool, Olympians, NFL, all pros, NBA teams, boxers, MMA and professional gyms have adopted it.

Red light therapy before strength training sessions leads to enhanced strength and post training leads to enhanced recovery. Red and near-infrared light promotes cellular growth of healthy muscle tissue and muscle hypertrophy.

In endurance-based sports, a 2018 trial concluded that ‘engaging in red light therapy before exercise increases oxygen uptake, increases how long volunteers could exercise before hitting the point of exhaustion, and significantly improves fat loss.”

Due to its anti-oxidation effect on cells, muscle fatigue reduces and heat hormones increase, safeguarding cells against chronic oxidation, mutations, decay, and eventual cell death. Light therapy also leads to improved blood flow. When your muscles receive more blood they perform better, endure more, and heal/repair faster.

Weight Loss

Red Light Therapy opens, liquifies, and shrinks existing fat cells

We all know there are no magic pills when it comes to weight loss. Diet, exercise, and lower stress are all very important factors. Red light therapy can however be a simple and effective adjunct to these. So how does this occur?

Increased Cellular Metabolism
The main effect of Red Light is that it stimulates cellular energy. The more energy our cells produce, the more efficiently they function. The more efficiently they function, the more efficiently you function as a human. Increased metabolism, improved ability to exercise and function daily, and improved function of your organs all serve to stimulate excess fat loss.

Fat Cell Reduction
Red Light has been shown to create tiny holes or pores in the fat cells in your body which allow fatty acids or lipids to be released. Even a few minutes of exposure causes significant amounts of lipids to be released.

Enhanced Muscle Mass
We all know that weight training and increased muscle mass results in significant weight loss. Red Light has been shown in numerous research studies to increase muscle mass which leads to increased calorie turnover and improved body composition.

Hair Growth

Red Light Therapy nourishes the scalp and stimulates natural hair growth

There are many causes of hair loss. Genetics, stress, hormonal imbalances, poor nutrition, and side effects from medical treatments are all contributory factors. Traditional means of addressing this are expensive invasive surgeries, medication with nasty side effects, and shampoo’s that yield limited benefits. Red light therapy offers a viable solution with no side effects. It is, without doubt, one of the most cost-effective measures that you can undertake to reverse hair loss.

Red light therapy increases capillary formation in the scalp. This increases the blood flow and delivery of oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to the scalp and hair follicles. RLT also stimulates ATP synthesis within the hair follicles, increasing their metabolism and replication.

Skin Conditions

Red Light reduces fine lines, wrinkles, rosacea, psoriasis, stretch marks, and even the side effects of chemotherapy

If you’re looking for a treatment for the entire well-being of your skin, there’s hardly any treatment service that is as wholesome and convenient as red light therapy.

Red light therapy takes the responsibility of treating issues like scars, acne, vitiligo, and eczema. The therapy also improves the generation of blood cells and tissues. It soothes the skin as well, leading to improved healing times for skin issues.

The therapy works without the need for any additional product or treatment.

Pain and Inflammation

Red Light Therapy decreases inflammation and stimulates healing and regeneration at a cellular level

The red and near-infrared spectrum provides significant anti-inflammatory properties. Red light can help to reduce joint pain across the body by providing enough energy to reduce inflammation and optimize the flow of energy. This leads to less pressure on the nerves, joints, and muscles. Better circulation is crucial to reducing pain sensitivity.

Rest assured that infrared and red light therapy will help to treat inflammation. Studies have also shown that infrared light therapy for pain relief has the same anti-inflammatory effects on the body as the popular non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. At the same time, it doesn’t come with the risks that you could get from the long-term consumption of these drugs.


RLT improves sleep quality and decreases the sensation of grogginess upon waking, stimulating natural energy levels

Sleep disorders and insomnia are no joke. Sleep is fundamental to our bodies’ function and repair processes. Without adequate sleep, almost every bodily function is impacted. Unfortunately, the treatments for sleep disorders are limited. These are usually medications that over time can have detrimental effects on the body.

Blue light which is given off by screens, devices, and standard lights is stimulatory and can negatively affect sleep by stimulating the body and telling the brain its time to be awake. Red light on the other hand has a relaxing effect. The use of red light in the evening can help relax your body and help it transition into a natural sleep cycle.

Therapeutic Effects of Red and Infrared Light Treatment

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