Tips before you arrive - if just stopping for a look or voucher please call ahead incase we are out or in the back

  • DO NOT shave or wax your legs or sensitive areas 1-2 days before your float.
  • DO NOT dye your hair within the 7 days of your float and 3 days for fake tan or else you cannot use the float tanks, if dye ruins the solution you could be charged, refer to our waiver and FAQ’s page.
  • Avoid coffee 3 hours before your float or before you use the salt caves.
  • Avoid black or dark clothes if possible but not essential.
  • You don’t need to bring anything, we have everything here you will need.
  • Floating can benefit everyone but it is important to understand what exactly your going to do here and what you want from your sessions, basically what you are doing is coercing the brain into a deep meditative state by means of REST (restricted environmental stimulation therapy) some people can get into a trance like or dream-like state very quickly where others may take a few goes, it’s like anything in life you take up, it can take some practice and that’s what we are here for. You don’t need to be able to meditate to get the most from this therapy that’s not what this is about. It’s simply about not stimulating the brain in a very calm and relaxed environment, we also have a guided breathwork exercise to help you ease into it on request.
  • Try to come 15 minutes early from your booking slot to sign in and take a few breaths before your session if you have never floated. Come and enjoy the experience!!! Even if you have been here before we ask for you to arrive a few minutes early.

5 best tips to achieving the most from your first or any float session

  1. Acceptance. You’re here for the hour, don’t worry about time or what you have to do later just accept the fact that you made it here and you came for a purpose. The rest will look after itself.
  2. Get comfortable, maybe arms behind your head or up like a fork, or possibly across your stomach.
  3. Before you arrive, I would suggest looking at some very basic breathwork exercises, this will be your tool to getting into a trance or theta wave state. Your thoughts will keep coming in it’s like a game of tennis between the breathwork and your thoughts, let the thoughts be processed, and gently keep bringing it back to the breath, without pressuring yourself. Continuously doing this will help your drift off. Here is a very basic one to help you understand (YouTube below). At the end of the day, we want you to have the best session possible but you have to want to achieve it also. The benefits are like nothing else once you delve deep.
  4. Last but not least, do not get the saltwater solution in your eye. It can mess up your whole session stimulating the brain too much leaving you unable to relax, take it easy in there save the cannonballs for your holidays. Nice calm entry and exit from the pod is much better.
  5. Try to keep the salt water inside the pod, it makes it easier for us cleaning is all, also you may close the pod door after your session to keep the room from heating up while you get ready.
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