Health Benefits

Everyone can get health benefits from flotation at Drift Float Therapy. Yoga and Mediators can find deeper states of serenity, Techies can unplug, Athletes can recover, Students can unwind, Mums and Dads can recharge, Tradesmen can rest their hard worked joints and office workers can take the pressure off themselves.

Floatation Therapy enhances:

‒ Detoxification
‒ Deep relaxation
‒ Creativity
‒ Super learning
‒ Right + left brain synchronicity
‒ Visualization
‒ Sports performance
‒ Athletic recovery
‒ Muscle + bone regeneration
‒ Hair and skin health
‒ Injury recovery
‒ Muscle recovery
‒ Better sleeping patterns

Floatation Therapy reduces:

‒ Stress
‒ Insomnia
‒ Hypertension
‒ Anxiety
‒ Depression
‒ Chronic pain management
‒ Joint pains
‒ Inflammation after sports injuries.
‒ Pain from injury
‒ Fatigue
‒ Migraine headaches

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