Red Light Therapy skin booth/ immunity package

What is Red Light Therapy and and our immunity package?

This is a 1 person service to target eczema and psoriasis, chronic fatigue and sleep, anti-aging and immune boosting especially in winter when we dont get enough sun, with all the benefits of salt therapy, float therapy, and infra red therapy…..  we have made this add on to boost your health therapy’s you’ve already received at Drift. It is also part of Drifts immunity package that can be done together.

Your body is capable of many wonders, from healing devastating sports injuries to orchestrating grand recoveries from chronic pain and nerve damage. Drugs that address pain and injury may seem effective at first, and they often do curb the most excruciating sensations that follow injury or the development of arthritis. However, the approach of interference with the natural reactions of the body can throw obstacles in the road to permanent recovery. We have combined this to specifically target eczema and psoriasis. But is used widely for a range of benefits.

RLT taps into your energy reserves at the cellular level, stimulating mitochondria and promoting increased energy production. This in turn alleviates stress on the body and leads to a miraculous, side-effect-free reduction in soreness, tightness, and chronic pain. It has also been shown to combat fatigue, with many clients reporting an uptick in energy levels and a general feeling of wellness.

Red light therapy combined with salt therapy in our 1 person booth is targeting two areas of your health. 
We are combining this with our salt therapy in a single-use cabin for one person. After this, you may book our infrared sauna, followed by a float therapy session. In as little as2-3 hours our clients will receive 4 different types of health therapies covering their entire body given an extreme level of health-boosting benefits. This drift immunity cabin combined with our other services can all be booked in one setting.

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Our immunity package then is a combination of all 4 therapy’s we offer at Drift. will be targeting sleep, anxiety, stress, depression, SAD, asthma, allergies, respiratory issues, eczema, psoriasis, skin ailments, recovery speed-up, inflammation, muscle repair and recovery, cell reproduction, there are many more but this is the main bunch. Using this 4 therapy bundle will leave you and your health feeling rejuvenated in a way that no one else can offer in Ireland right now, We are the only center in Ireland that offers this service. Your health could be completely boosted using a course of any of our services but this one is certainly the ultimate immune boosting package

  • Single | Visit: 1 | Cost/Session per person: €120
  • Members receive Immunity package at cheaper rates


Why do so many people swear by Red Light Therapy?

Why do so many people swear by Red Light Therapy? - Drift Float Therapy

Effective-Powerful-Affordable. Restore your body’s full potential.

Tap into your natural inner healing mechanism and heal from the cellular level with our red light therapy cabin whilst combining this with salt therapy to improve your lung health and boost your immune system.

Imagine being able to trigger a natural chain reaction that strengthens your cells to heal faster, open your airways, help combat those dark months of winter and improve your overall wellness in less than 30 minutes.

Imagine being able to finally get your pain-free and happier life back. Experience faster healing, anti-aging, performance enhancement, better mood, increased energy, and reduced pain. LumiRed Red Light Therapy and salt therapy devices have changed the lives of people and we want to give this gift to as many people as we can at an affordable cost.

Red light will give you the green light for recovery, beginning from below the cellular level and ending with full-body transformation. We provide you the tools for regeneration so that you will soon tingle differently, move more freely, and plan ahead more cheerily.

Our red light therapy device will activate the repair pathways in your body so you will truly have replaced damaged tissue with healed, robust, new tissue.

What is Red Light Therapy?