COVID-19 Measures

Covid is back on the forefront of everyone's mind. Here at Drift we have put in place a system here that makes it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to contract COVID while on our premises. Even when restrictions are easing and things getting some what normal-ish we are dedicated to keeping up our same cleaning and Covid routine!

Is floating and salt therapy safe during Covid? Yes, it is. In fact it will help your immune system and lungs stay healthy and help protect against Covid, and all cold a flu viruses.

‒ After each float session your room, along with your pod and showers are deep cleaned, disinfected and ready for the next customer. Alongside that, the air you breathe inside the rooms has been changed 14 times with our highly efficient air exchange system in the ceilings in between and during sessions. Please refer to our float therapy tab/float pods to see how elaborate our cleaning system is for the pods themselves. Nothing can survive in there. These areas are cleaned so many times during the day that it makes its impossible for covid to spread.

‒ In the salt rooms we have very similar processes, all surfaces are wiped down after each session, customers wear a mask until sitting down. As the Salt therapy is naturally anti bacterial and anti viral its pumped via microscopic particles into the room naturally killing viruses, the air is so saturated during each session with salt which means it kills off anything floating around (covid/flu/viruses airborne theory taken care of). It is a natural disinfectant so again makes it virtually impossible to contract covid in this environment So within the salt room itself there is no need for a mask which allows you to breath the salt air and use the salt therapy.

‒ We will keep this routine up for the lifetime of our business to ensure as clean a place as possible for each person.

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