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Drift has 2 different salt rooms at our location

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 We have reduced our SALT room down to 2 adults and can for 2 small children to make room for a bigger full spectrum infra red sauna room… sorry to those who loved this room, but its still available and if its free of course you can chill here !!                 

Instead of being in a room packed full of people your in a very relaxed environment with a max of 2 adults or we have a single person booth that requires a shorter session for people on the go

This room is €30, for adult and one child, add a an adult for extra €5…. 2 adults max…. perfect for small familys or couples and such a nice place to be. Especially coming into cold and virus season salt therapy is a great tool to boost your lung and respiratory health during this time while being able to fully shut off.

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Private Rooms

We have private rooms , so its much more efficient to get in and out without interacting with other family’s, but also just having your own space, your own tv and toys whichever you prefer to keep the kiddos entertained. Our room room can fit adults and 2 small kids and is only 30euro for the room per couple and 5 euro add on per person thereafter.

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We also have a one person Salt room with added red light therapy to boost your immune system. This room is a private booth just for one person to target skin and lung ailments and is 30 euro per single session. No other salt therapy center has a booth for private use to expose eczema and psoriasis to the salt and light in privacy .