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 Launching Drifts Immunity package!! End of September this will be available to book for up to 3 people, private float rooms and sharing a sauna, right this is only available for one person but will soon be upgraded!

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Now at Drift we have taken or health spa to the next level offering a very unique health package which we have name the immunity package. Targeting 4 different aspect of your health and wellbeing in an instant way. Drift is the only place in Ireland that can offer this.

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Here is exactly what going on right now in Drift. Our immunity package consists of 4 therapies Salt (halo) therapy Red light therapy, Float therapy, Infra red sauna therapy .This package combined will give you instant relief from stress, anxiety, sleeping issues, fatigue, reparatory issues like asthma or sinus issues, allergies, skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis , stimulating cell reproduction, decreases bad hormones within the body and increasing good ones, detoxing fat cells and aiding with detoxification aiding your body to flush out toxins… the list goes on. Also all therapies can be booked by themselves too.