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Flotation Therapy can benefit people from all walks of life, from athletes to office workers

Flotation speeds the recovery of muscles and joints after training or sports and helps restore the body’s natural posture after a long working week. Because floating improves circulation to each of the body’s systems, including the skin, you will radiate the post-float glow.

There is no need to be worried or intimidated, even first-time floaters can enjoy neurological peace. Floating doesn’t just feel good—it reduces stress, headaches, improves sleep, releases endorphins and provides a lasting state of balance.

Sensory Deprivation Tank Dublin

Lay back, stretch your arms and legs and become comfortable. The salt will naturally take your weight and you will float. The body-temperature water relaxes your sense of touch and feel. The sound of the music and lights will gradually fade away. You will begin to breathe deeper and slower; your body naturally unwinds; your mind naturally opens.

Flotation therapy is relaxation through proven and tested scientific techniques. Removing your sensory overload allows your brain to drift away into the half-asleep/half-awake type Theta state, where mind and body restore and rejuvenate. Levels of the stress hormone Cortisol decline, while the feel good, happy hormone dopamine rises.

During the float, joints are supported and relaxed, and your lower back begins to decompress and align itself. Once your mind is at rest, your body can focus on healing itself naturally. As you remove the harsh effects of gravity, your joints, muscles and connective tissues begin to rest and recover.

How to float

Welcome! Relax, settle in, have some water.
Have a rinse in the shower & put in the ear plugs.
Gently step into the pod, lay back & wait to drift.
Turn off the lights, let go and unwind your mind.
When the session ends, blink your eyes & bring yourself back to your body.
Have a shower to clean the salts thoroughly using the bath products.
Enjoy a cup of tea, chat with others or simply sit in silence.
Enjoy the rest of the day but most importantly, Enjoy the new you!

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