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Need a quick digital detox? Try floatation therapy for 60 mins. It can help you to achieve good mental health with reduced stress and improved mental clarity.

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 What is a Digital Detox?
A digital detox is where you power off your electronic devices and spend some time away from them. Whether it’s your cell phone, computer, laptop, tablet, music player or television or for that matter any screen, it demands your attention

We can’t use any of them beyond a certain period of time.

We have to find time for other things to do instead.

 Why Do You Need a Digital Detox?
One study found that around 25% smartphone owners between ages 18 and 44 don’t remember the last time their phone wasn’t right next to them.
All that time online can cause:

Self-image problems .Low self-esteem .Sleep problems. DepressionAnxietyWeight gain. Unhealthy eating, Lack of exercise, Lack of time management, Work ethic problems

Can I do anything to get out of this loop? How can I perform my best to stop constantly seeking this type of digital connection? By continuously feeling the urge to check my phone, am i not letting myself recharge. This leads to fatigue, stress, and anxiety.
This is where the concept of a digital detox comes into play.

Challenge myself to take a break from social media and digital connections –  just for 60 minutes. 

By taking the time to detach from the constant connectivity, I can allow myself to be cognizant and mindful of my own body.
One way to take a step back is with a quick digital detox with floatation therapy in 60 mins flat.

Our saunas, salt rooms and floatation chambers come with all sorts of benefits but they are share a few, one of them being digital detox,

The Benefits of a Digital DetoxUnplugging yourself from your devices or making the effort to use them less can help improve your quality of life by helping you:

Calm down and feel content. 

Several social experiments found that taking a scheduled break away from your smartphone or digital device can lower your stress levels. It can also help you focus on the present and pay more attention to things around you.

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