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Drift Float Therapy with Manuka Health brings to you MGO® Manuka Honey, your guarantee of genuine and premium Manuka Honey. It is the unique properties of the Manuka bush combined with the honey that gives Manuka honey its therapeutic power. This natural compound is known as methylglyoxal or MGO for short. Scientific research indicates that it is the MGO that contributes to Manuka honey’s potency and benefits to wellbeing. For your peace of mind, every single pot of MGO® Manuka Honey is scientifically tested to ensure that your product contains certified levels of MGO as well as consistent quality. The result is a Manuka Health MGO® Manuka Honey with a smooth velvety texture and a beautiful rich taste packed with certified levels of MGO activity for your wellbeing.

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MGO™ Manuka Honey 30+ - 250g - Drift Float Therapy Dublin

MGO™ Manuka Honey 30+