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Float therapy, infra red sauna and salt therapy in Dublin available in Stillorgan.
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Looking to calm the mind before a big game or sporting event? Boost recovery? Increase performance?

Drift Float Therapy has 3 floatation pods that are available in Stillorgan 5 days a week and are open on weekends. We also have a full spectrum infra red sauna suite with red light therapy and private salt therapy rooms

If you are struggling to sleep and are playing catchup during training, post or pre match floatation therapy can bridge the gap and help the mind relax and reset, During the session itself your mind is focused on one thing with your senses and environment brought to a level where nothing else exists only you and the water.

Within a few minutes of deep breathing in your float, and resting in your sauna the real session begins, allowing for you to get that ‘reset’ we promote here , also periods of manifestation and boosting your creative levels on what you hope to achieve in your sport.

This has all been proven to increase your sporting abilities and increase performance levels, boosting recovery and reducing inflammation. Many sport training campuses and grounds for professional athletes within the United States have incorporated floatation therapy into their training routine and have proven to be a success, Ireland is steadily catching on as we see it here with athletes using our facilities. Sauna usage also has been catching on slowly with the results also proving to increase performance and recovery.

Two very different services but both increasing the right things. Salt therapy has also proven to increase lung capacity which is useful for any athlete. Combine all 3 here at Drift and see the results for yourself of a loved one

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