15 Float Tips that you might not be aware of …

ℹ️1.Avoid caffeine or sugar a few hours before arrival, and don’t arrive hungry.
​2.If using float therapy for sleeping issues come early rather than later in the day.
​3.Don’t shave or wax prior- no hair coloring 7 days prior.
4.Practice some breathwork, it will slip you into the dream state much deeper much quicker but keep it simple, you need anything fancy. (link underneath here attached)
​5. Put your arms up behind your head during your float.
​6. Turn your phone on silent and face it down when inside the room.
​7. If a more intense heat is required remove soft wedge from the side of the pod door.
​8.  If more air is preferred fold the wedge to make a larger gap but be careful you don’t want it cold in there.
​9. If you have a mind that keeps racing in there simply remind yourself about focusing on some breath work or simple breathing exercises, as you do this you wont realize or feel yourself slipping away into a deep state. If this sounds like you and are coming to help a racing mind it make take you a session or two more but trust me you will get the most from using float therapy, let this gentle game of tennis start between your thoughts and your breathing. if you unlock that part of your mind it will stand to you in all areas of life. It gets easier as you figure out how you did it.
​10.The trick is not to get too excited that you achieved this feeling, if its your first time having this sensation it can be quite a rush and a feeling your not used to, at times it can be quite intense for a few seconds so its important to ride that wave gently.
​12. Expect nothing to happen, follow these steps, and don’t be overthinking it .
13. Drink plenty of water afterwards through the day😍
​14. If you require the music on for longer or shorter, let us know as we can tailor that for you.
15. It is important to not rush to your float, you want to enter the pod in a calm state

If pregnant leave a note in the booking as we provide additional floating devices for comfort, likewise if you have a neck issue we provide a pillow device in every tank but more may be required with a neck issue.